Eternal Balance Holistic Life Center is dedicated to helping individuals heal and evolve. Our holistic approach is very healing for those that are open to it. When we say holistic, we simply mean that we address ALL aspects of the self; the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. We offer a wide variety of treatment options and work at an individual pace that will suit you.

Our therapists are all highly experienced and extremely qualified in the services they provide. Our wide variety of services include various types of massage therapy, reiki, cranio sacral, body work, blocking, intuitive healings, psychic services, hypnosis, inner child work, and many other very beneficial services. In addition, we are also a teaching facility in the studies of metaphysical science and the healing arts. We strive to help empower, educate and create balance in your life! Eternal Balance Holistic Life Center is conviently located in Huntington Woods, Michigan,  Royal Oak area. We proudly serve the entire Metro Detroit area with flexible hours to accommodate everyone. Some of our healing services can be provided long distance! Results can be shared over the phone or Skype!!

detroit area massage

detroit area massage
detroit area massage

  • Massage therapy at Eternal Balance

    Relax your body and clear your mind with a rejuvinating and stress relieving massage. Find our why we're the best massage in the Detroit area!

  • Healing Services at Eternal Balance

    All healing is a return to self love! Let us work with the anatomy of your energy system in order to promote healing on all levels. Helping to heal world-wide!

  • Cranio Sacral at Eternal Balance

    Let our therapists relieve stress, back pains and chronic conditions by getting in sync with your cranio sacral rhythm.

  • Hypnosis at Eternal Balance

    Let go of the past and let go of things that are holding you back with the best Hypnosis services in Metro Detroit.

  • Reflexology at Eternal Balance

    Relax and allow our therapists to work on your feet and hands to re-condition your nerves and improve your health.

  • Psychic Readings at Eternal Balance

    Get direction and answers from our experienced psychics. Serving clients in Metro Detroit and Worldwide!