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"Thanks so much once again for the wonderful massage, It was so relaxing and so helpful. As you know, my neck often causes me a lot of discomfort. When I saw you on Friday, I could not rotate my head to the left which impedes driving and swimming and tennis among other activities. Your touch loosened up my muscles and I played tennis the next morning with no pain (and even won a set). Can’t wait to get my next massge.


I am an Information Technology Director for the 4th Largest Healthcare Organization in the United States and I lead multiple multi million dollar initiatives that demand much from me and in the proccess can create a high degree of stress. Her services are a regular part of my personal maintenance program as I am continually restored to an inner place of balance, peace, and centeredness which supports my well being and highly engaged lifestyle."


"Debra is a masterful Massage Therapist in that while her touch may be sensitive she has the skillful ability to sense pressure needs.​"


"I had reoccuring bladder and kidney infections. I was on antibiotics for months and they still did not go away. After one reflexology treamtent, I felt energetic again and the urgency to urinate went away. After the second treatment, the infection completely went away and never returned."

M.M., Psychologist

Ann Arbor, MI

"You are truly gifted. There is great light around you."


"Eternal Balance has been a wonderful asset to my life. From long term funks, to stiff necks, and weak legs they have guided me back to a stronger and better self! I have worked with a great number of staff with massages, then healing services, then craniosacral – now them all! Their touch is gentle and best of all, they worked at a pace that suited me and my budget!"


"I had adrenal exhaustion and after my first reflexology treatment I had almost normal engery for a week. I was so grateful and surprised. I tried another treatment and my energy increased again fro about two weeks and my breathing normalized. It works great! After the fourth treatment, I was almost completely healed!​"



"Jim’s touch is confident, soothing and firm. He has the talent to go deep enough without causing pain, but he can figure out what part of the body a certain pain may be coming from and treat it."



"I have been getting massages from Jim for years and it’s never a disappointment. He has helped me through several injuries and one pregnancy. I highly recommend Jim.​"