Reiki Share

Join us for a Reiki Share! This is a great opportunity for practicing and sharing Reiki in a fun, casual group setting. No experience required. Space is limited! Call or email to reserve participation! 

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Reiki Level 1

Instructor: Denise Egrin

You are a channel for healing energy! Reiki Level 1 includes the techniques and information needed to begin using Reiki, (Universal Energy), for healing. The Level 1 attunement will strengthen energy channels for practicing on yourself and others including animals. Space is limited! Please call or email to reserve attendance. 



Reiki Level 2

Instructor: Denise Egrin

Reiki Level 2 students will learn advanced Reiki principals and how to use powerful symbols for focused and distance healing.


Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 1. 

Reiki Level 3

Instructor: Denise Egrin

Reiki Level 3 / Masters Level, is advanced Reiki training. This course is for anyone who is interested in deepening their connection with Reiki and who may be interested in pursuing Reiki Teacher Training.

During the Level 3 course, advanced techniques and symbols are presented. There is also a continued focus on getting to know your Reiki Guides, how to use the Reiki Symbols and performing a Reiki healing treatment.

Pre-requisites: Reiki Level 1 & 2 

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