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Feeling Drained?

It is a commonplace thing in society today...feeling drained, emotionally overwhelmed and perhaps incapable of just dealing. The more we want to achieve, whether in the arenas of work or play, the more we see there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Then we get the seasonal changes here in Michigan that leave us feeling like just getting out of bed would be a feat of Olympic proportions.

That was me, this morning. The funny thing is, that once I did get out of bed and started interacting with the rest of the human race, I started noticing that it wasn't just me. There was something going on, and it was bigger than just my little corner of Metro-Detroit.

One of my "go-to's" for what is going on energetically is The Power Path.

This month's theme is UNSETTLED. And wouldn't you know it? It's been feel just like that for me. How about you? The link above will give you the entire explanation of the Power Path for this month, but what I found particularly interesting was the section on Health and the Physical Body. It says,

"Health takes on the unsettled energy in the form of challenges around digestion, fatigue, sleep issues, weight fluctuation, vertigo and balance. Just because you may feel one way today does not mean you will feel the same way tomorrow. If you have a routine or practice that keeps your body healthy and exercised, be even more disciplined this month to keep up the schedule. This is especially important for those of you who have trouble being motivated to act and your tendency is more towards stagnation and stubbornness than impatience and aggression.

Your relationship to your body can shift in a positive way this month with more attention given to self care and putting yourself first. Because of the unsettled quality of the month, the quantum field where all possibilities exist is more accessible. Magic and miracles can happen around your health as well as around your general well being and positivity about the future."

Validation! That short list describes exactly how I have been feeling and I love how they go right from there to what you can do to stay on the positive side of things.

Self care is HUGE! Despite the way I felt this morning I got up anyway and went to physical therapy. Getting on that stationary bike and doing my exercises made a huge difference in my outlook, but it also made my body FEEL better. After that, I had my weekly scheduled massage and energy work. I actually left there SMILING! Who knew this was possible this morning as I laid motionless, the center of a dog sandwich, in my bed listening to the alarm go off? Imagine how I would feel if I had stayed there!

When I am reluctant to get out of bed, I know that one of two things is generally the reason...FEAR or INSECURITY. Sometimes, it's BOTH! But, just like mom used to tell me when I was a kid and trying to stay home "sick" from school, "Once you get up and get moving -- take a shower and head out -- you'll feel better." It's actually TRUE!

The Power Path for this month covers this too, "Action cures fear. Fear will come up this month especially for those of you with a security need. Instead of withdrawing from actively engaging in life, ask how you can actively work with the unsettled energy in a way that supports your own desire to evolve into a new place in your life. This is an excellent month to reset your intentions, dream bigger and harness some inspiration, excitement and enthusiasm."

Taking action in an unsettling time can be intimidating if you are looking at major decisions, but if you get yourself in tune, practice relentless self care, I think you will find that it helps ready you for what lies ahead. Counteract the energy around you with a healthy and vibrant energy of your own! If you are having a hard time finding that energy, turn to your Reiki Healers, your Massage Therapist, your Tarot Readers. They exist to help you on your energetic path to your best state of well-being!


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